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Meta Subduction

Just upgraded the site to WordPress 2.2.1 Fairly painless but who knows what might end up broken…. Let me know is something does not seem quite right.

Missing in Action

Well, we apologize for the long hiatus. All the usual excuses apply: work, long vacations (there were 2), work, family, laziness and so on… No promises about future posting. When we started this we planned 1/2 posts per day; 1/2 per week is more likely for a while more. Real results will reveal the truth… Check in and find out. buy kamagra 100mg

WordPress 1.5.1

Has been released. Lots of bug and security fixes. Matt’s upgrade took 3 seconds. It took about 10 minutes to do the Subduction Zone from beginning of download to completion. This is probably not unreasonable, even by WordPress standards, if you are doing a database backup, deleting and moving files 1 at a time, etc. If you are a WordPress user go upgrade.

Welcome to the Subduction Zone

The Subduction Zone deals with people living together in the Cascadia subduction zone and the Columbia River drainage system system regions. Our interests extend from northern California to Alaska and to northwestern Wyoming and western Montana. There is, though, nothing particularly unique about the people living in this area and the most effective way for them to live together as an intelligent species. What we say here applies equally to people elsewhere. We will explore ways in which individuals and freely formed associations of individuals can work together to create an ecology that is vastly more than the sum of...