Welcome to the Subduction Zone

The Subduction Zone deals with people living together in the Cascadia subduction zone and the Columbia River drainage system system regions. Our interests extend from northern California to Alaska and to northwestern Wyoming and western Montana. There is, though, nothing particularly unique about the people living in this area and the most effective way for them to live together as an intelligent species. What we say here applies equally to people elsewhere.

We will explore ways in which individuals and freely formed associations of individuals can work together to create an ecology that is vastly more than the sum of its parts and provides meaningful opportunities for human creativity to flower and elevate the conditions of all. There are no easy, overnight solutions and in the Subduction Zone we’ll look at small and large issues. They are all related.

Oh, for those who might wonder, we are not associated with any of the existing Cascadia separatist groups. Nor are we associated with any existing political party. We expect there to be plenty of agreement, disagreement and good discussion with folks of all political colors.

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  1. Nice work.

    Keep the pressure on.