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Southwest May Move Headquarters

Southwest Airlines may move its headquarters from Dallas: Southwest has hinted that Dallas is a less-than-ideal city for its administrative offices because it’s inconvenient to move its people there for meetings. Southwest chief executive Gary Kelly has previously said that if the carrier were picking a new headquarters from scratch, Dallas wouldn’t make the first cut because of the Wright restrictions. Southwest is Dallas’ fifth-largest taxpayer, contributing $15 million last year. It provides 5,000 jobs and its activities at Love Field create $2 billion to $3 billion in economic activity, said Ron Ricks, the carrier’s top lobbyist. If they do...


The Right Approach to Using Extorted Money

Some King County council members have finally figured out that money taken from citizens should not be used to support commercial endeavors: County Councilmen David Irons and Dwight Pelz on Monday formally presented a pair of proposed bills that would prevent the use of county funds or state or federal grants to support efforts to allow commercial airlines to operate at Boeing Field. Sadly, I doubt they’ve learned that this approach should apply across the board. For instance, airlines and their passengers should pay all the costs related to Sea-Tac; the stadiums should be payed for entirely by the teams...