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What To Do With Gamboa

It is unfortunate that Ernesto Gamboa let himself be co-opted by thugs engaged in an immoral government activity but that is no excuse to provide him official asylum. On the other hand the government has no legitimate authority to make him go anywhere. If he can find private employment, can sustain himself, then he should not be interfered with. Of course, all the people Gamboa lied to over the years may have some interest in claiming compensation for his involvement in their kidnapping and imprisonment.


Turn It Over To The Police

There was an article in today’s Seattle Times about a phenomena called curbstoning which, given their liberal definition of the article, any of us who have bought a vehicle from a private party have been involved with. Read the article for the juice on curbstoning. What really struck me was that apparently our fine legislature has found some need to require that anyone who sells 5 or more vehicles during a year must buy a $500 license, have a commercial place of business and more. You fall under this legislation even if you simply negotiate on the part of another...

Good Riddance?

She stole $143,000 from the Edmonds School District and is going to jail for 14 months: Lewin, a former district bookkeeper, has no criminal history, and she stood to spend just three months or less in the county jail under the state’s sentencing laws. By law, Bowden was able to go beyond the standard sentencing range because Lewin had agreed that what she did was a major economic offense against the school district. Deputy prosecutor Adam Cornell asked for only four months in jail. Lynnwood defense lawyer Michael Mulvihill recommended three months or less. Bowden acknowledged that Lewin cooperated with...

Who Is the Seattle City Council Protecting?

The Binary Circumstance suggests that there may be more than “protecting the community” to Seattle’s strip club moratorium: Locally it has been suggested that the real purpose of the moratorium has been to insure that existing strip clubs don’t lose their monopoly on the market Well, sure, monopolies are the natural result of any government imposed restriction on entry whether it is stip clubs, hospitals, lawyers, pharaceuticals, or….well, the list is near endless.


mckenna Announces Failed Program

Plastered on front pages across the Washington is mckenna’s announcement of increased use of failed policies: McKenna said that by June 1 he will have two new assistant attorneys general to assist in local prosecution of meth crimes across the state. He also will create a statewide task force of local and state law enforcement officials to determine the best meth-prevention strategy. The task force will help draft bills for next year’s legislative session. He also is setting up a program to work with local community organizations and professional associations to raise awareness of the meth problem. “State government needs...