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Full Time Legislature?

Well, swecker’s full time legislature proposal doesn’t rise up to Carl’s level of support for me: Just to show how bi-partisan I am, here’s a Republican bill I support. Nope, I still haven’t seen a republican bill I support. Sen. Dan Swecker made his pitch for a full-time Legislature on Thursday and, although the plan isn’t going anywhere soon, he did find some receptive listeners. … “I would like to see the Legislature get more proactive in getting involved in the nitty-gritty details of running the state Koupit viagru bez předpisu cialis uk ,” he said. What might this really...

Representative Government?

This year Oregon residents learned a bit about the hollowness of the implementation of representative government: Seven legislators went behind closed doors to decide how to spend billions of state tax dollars. They also chose what legislation — from state Lotto games to sex offenders — would move and what would get squished. The lid was clamped so tight that lawmakers complained they were getting only scraps of information about deals cut between House and Senate leaders — deals that involved some of the most significant bills on the docket. You will probably not find much different in Washington