Representative Government?

This year Oregon residents learned a bit about the hollowness of the implementation of representative government:

Seven legislators went behind closed doors to decide how to spend billions of state tax dollars. They also chose what legislation — from state Lotto games to sex offenders — would move and what would get squished. The lid was clamped so tight that lawmakers complained they were getting only scraps of information about deals cut between House and Senate leaders — deals that involved some of the most significant bills on the docket.

You will probably not find much different in Washington

, Idaho, Montana, California or, for that matter, any other state or at the federal level.

Is this what you expect when you vote for and send someone to the state house to represent you and speak on your behalf? If it is you have gotten and will get what you deserve but if you expected something different like, well, real representation you should have some hard questions for your alleged senator or representative; perhaps you should be sending someone different to represent you; and perhaps it should be someone who is not bound hand and foot to represent a political party instead of the residents of their electoral district.

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