Build It Privately or Let the Sonics Go At the End of Their Lease

Steve Kelley is back to wanting to subsidize the Sonic’s owners and players. OK, I understand. He has never been opposed to using tax payer money to line Clay Bennett’s pockets; to help pay the dramatically excessive player salaries.

Some comments on a few of Steve’s thoughts:

These robber barons want to move the team, period.

Nothing new here. The rest of us knew this from the day the sale was announced.

And this detailed relocation plan is a sobering call to arms for Seattle’s mayor and city council, for the governor and the state Legislature. And a call for help from this city to Stern.

Call to arms? Why? There is nothing that the mayor, city council, governor or the state legislature should be doing about this.

This situation has gotten so ugly and so contentious, Stern almost has to get involved.

Do you expect Stern to fund the stadium?

And, I believe, if this area can finalize a viable arena deal that already is in discussion, he will find a way to keep the team in Greater Seattle.

The only VIABLE arena solution is one that is privately funded. If it can not be made to work without public funds it is clearly a money losing proposition.

The problem with “The Montreal Expos/’Major League’ Exit Strategy,” is that Seattle isn’t Montreal. And the only way the league is going to allow Bennett to move is if the city or the state does nothing.

Then let’m move to Oklahoma City. There are apparently a bunch of suckers living there.

There are very wealthy people in this area who also are passionate about the NBA and the Sonics. And it is absolutely essential that they get together with Mayor Greg Nickels and Gov. Christine Gregoire and put together a plan that keeps the team here.

Then let these wealthy people build a stadium with their money. There is certainly no reason to involve politicians.

Unless you are proposing propping up the robber barons with public funds.

I think the only folks who might find this to be essential are potentially unemployed sports writers and talk jocks.

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