Oregon House Dems Have a Blog

The new blog started by the Oregon house democrats is an interesting idea. On the main page you get a normal blog format with the usual sequential entry listing. Alternately, each member is a category and you can click a link on the left sidebar to get all the entries from a specific politician.

Yep, they are politicians and it will be interesting to see if all we get is politician speak or if these folks are ready to open themselves up as real people. I’d be happily shocked if it is not the former.

It would be a treat to see some fine arguments amongst these folks!

Via Evergreen Politics.


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1 Response

  1. a) Great idea of theirs – I wish all four caucuses in my state would do that.

    b) For a time, Vancouver-area Representative Deb Wallace (Dem.) had her own blog – featured on my blog roll.