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Meta Stuff

Great news! It has not been two years since the last post….only 18 months. Upgraded the site to WordPress 4.0 and will come back sometime soon to update the theme code.

Major Construction Work Completed

Yes, the work noted in our previous post, nearly 25 months ago, was completed. We even redid the work this week: upgraded the site to WordPress 3.5.1 and our main theme to Atahualpa 3.7.11. The big question: will it be 2 more years before another post??? And, yes, we do need to tidy up the blog roll and the header image. Maybe next week.

WordPress Upgrade

Upgraded this sites underlying blog software buy kamagra , WordPress, to Version 3.01 today. The automatic upgrade capability is much easier than the already, compared to some other blogging software, easy manual upgrade process. Kup KamagrÄ™ bez recepty

Has It Really Been A Year

No, just a bit over 11 months since anything has been posted here. Here is to that changing! Kup Tadacip bez recepty w Warszawie Buy Amoxil UK