Private Potties for Servants?

Just why has public money been spent to provide a private bathroom for Renton’s mayor?

Council President Randy Corman said a staffer invited him to use the mayor’s private bathroom

, which he didn’t do. He can account for every second of his time, he said, and he was always surrounded by people.

“In 10 years I have never used the mayor’s bathroom. On this night, they invited me to,” he said. “That was awfully suspicious to me.”

Keolker said that since she took office as mayor, she has regularly told council members they can use her bathroom during meeting breaks, if there’s a line at the council’s lone one.

This mayor and any of the others that aready have or have delusions of getting a private bathroom are amongst our public servants. Heck

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, let me respond to the opening question: there is no good reason why they can’t use the public restrooms and there is no good reason our money should be wasted on such frivolities!

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